The artistic value of terrazzo

In your childhood, you were suddenly influenced by the era of becoming the latest fashion. This feeling is also quite wonderful. Today we will talk about “Terrazzo”.

As for today’s Terrazzo, which can be seen everywhere in the 1980s, has entered the international stage and will become the most popular home element in 2021. Terrazzo not only has high hardness and long service life, but also is wear-resistant and waterproof. Designers use their features to play with various products. Like popular marble in the past, designers use the characteristics of stone itself to play with various products.

From tables and chairs, sinks to small items, although some of them only use the color and texture of Terrazzo, their popularity is inevitable. Now there are fewer and fewer Terrazzo products on the market. I think these high-quality and cheap materials will become a trend again.

The application of Terrazzo in space

Of course, the application of Terrazzo in space is not only a product, but also in architecture and space. According to the combination of various materials and the selection of colors, any space decoration is harmless, and the key is to look fashionable.

The characteristics of Terrazzo

They are visually obvious, but there are twists and turns between the contrast and moving lines. In this design, the most obvious is the use of Terrazzo. The Venetian style gray Terrazzo shows a simple and elegant style with its exquisite texture, while adding white marble locally, creating a rich expression in the Minimalism architectural space.

You may have been a little impulsive to see this. You want to update your house to make it have more Terrazzo elements. Terrazzo art painting The grain and color of Terrazzo can be modified according to the style, adding an advanced atmosphere and feeling to the building.


Surprisingly, Terrazzo can be so beautiful. Terrazzo has traditionally been used in architecture and has been very popular so far. Now, when product designers restore this material, they will carry out furniture and home furniture creation. Stone always gives people a sense of psychological comfort, but due to its affordable price, soft texture, and high quality, it is more eye-catching.

Just like many times when design doesn’t require design at all, you just need to break through that membrane, deeply absorb the world, think freely, and innovative ideas will always be waiting for you there. This is a responsibility that cannot be compensated for by human consumption of nature. This is also a form of trust. I believe that people will always have an aesthetic heart, and there will always be laws of reincarnation in the world. No matter how far you go, you always go home. Only when your heart beats can you prove that you have life.


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