Problems in daily use of Terrazzo

Terrazzo is a kind of concrete product made by mixing gravel, glass, quartz stone and other aggregates in cement binder, and then grinding and polishing the surface. It is usually used for manufacturing tiles, countertops, sinks, and other products.

So, what are the benefits of using Terrazzo every day?

1. The surface is smooth and clean. After treatment, the gloss of Terrazzo can reach the standard of more than 70. Because its production is easier and more economical than other stones with the same gloss, it is adopted.

2. Terrazzo has good dust-proof and anti-skid characteristics, and its grade can reach the quality level of marble. It has a wide range of uses, low price, good quality and excellent performance.

3. Strong adaptability to hostile environments. Due to the uniqueness of Terrazzo production, it can have good performance in harsh environments, no cracks, no fear of high pressure, high temperature, aging and stain resistance. Therefore, we choose it as a common pavement material in daily life.

The repair of cracks in prefabricated Terrazzo usually requires some specific methods, and the following is a common repair method:

Materials and tools:

1. Terrazzo repair agent: can be purchased from professional building materials suppliers.

2. Cleaning agent: used to clean cracks and surrounding areas.

3. Water: used for mixing repair agents.

4. Plastic spatula: used for filling and smoothing patches.

5. Sandpaper: used for polishing and repairing the surface.


1. Clean the surface: Use detergent to clean cracks and surrounding areas, ensuring that the surface is clean and free of dust, oil, or other impurities.

2. Prepare the repairer: According to the instructions for the repair product, mix the repairer with an appropriate amount of water until a uniform consistency is achieved. Pay attention to following the proportions in the product instructions to ensure the correct texture of the restorer.

3. Crack filling: Use a plastic spatula to fill the crack with a mixed repair compound, ensuring that it is filled to the top of the crack to level the surface.

4. Smooth surface: polish the surface of the patch with a plastic scraper or wet sponge to make it flush with the surrounding Terrazzo surface. Wetting the tool while the repair compound is dry will help to obtain a smoother surface.

5. Wait for drying: According to the instructions of the maintenance personnel, wait for sufficient time to ensure that the maintenance personnel are completely dry and cured.

6. Grinding: after the repair agent is dry, gently polish the repair area with fine sandpaper to make the repair surface as smooth as the Terrazzo surface.

7. Cleaning: Clean the repaired surface to ensure it is free of dust and impurities.

Please note that the above steps are the general method for repairing the cracks in prefabricated Terrazzo, and different restorations may have different specific operation requirements. Therefore, before repairing, it is recommended to carefully read the product instructions provided by the repairer and follow the instructions provided by the product. For large or complex cracks, it is best to request professional personnel to repair them to ensure the repair effect and service life.


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