Difference between cast-in-place Terrazzo and prefabricated Terrazzo

Terrazzo is a common decorative substrate, its surface consists of cement, quartz sand, pigments and other mixtures. According to different production methods, Terrazzo can be divided into two types: cast-in-place Terrazzo and prefabricated Terrazzo. The main difference between them is the production process and installation method:

When it comes to the manufacturing methods of cast-in-place Terrazzo and prefabricated Terrazzo, there are great differences between the two:

1.How to make molded Terrazzo on site?

Site preparation: prepare the ground that must be paved with Terrazzo on the construction site, and ensure that the ground is flat and free of dust and dirt.

Formwork construction: according to the design requirements, build a wooden formwork on the ground to close the Terrazzo pavement area.

Concrete pouring: Mix concrete, quartz sand, pigments and other materials in proportion, pour them into the formwork, and use a trowel to smooth the concrete.

Polishing: After the concrete is slightly dry, use special tools to polish and polish the surface of Terrazzo to make it look smooth and bright.

Preservation: After polishing, keep the integrity of Terrazzo to ensure its strength and quality.

2.How to make prefabricated Terrazzo?

Prepare the mold: make the mold required for Terrazzo in the factory according to the design requirements. The mold can have various shapes and sizes for creating Terrazzo with different styles and patterns.

Material prefabrication: Materials such as cement, quartz sand, and pigments are mixed in predetermined proportions and poured into the mold.

Pressure and vibration: In order to ensure the density and uniformity of concrete, the mold will be pressurized and vibrated.

Maintenance and polishing: After the prefabricated Terrazzo has solidified, it must be properly maintained to ensure its quality. Then, it can be polished and polished to make the Terrazzo surface reach the required smooth surface.

3.the difference of Construction time:

Emptying Terrazzo on site: The production process of emptying Terrazzo on site is usually longer, because it requires pouring concrete, polishing and maintaining on site, so it takes a long time.

Prefabricated Terrazzo: Prefabricated Terrazzo is prefabricated in the factory, so the on-site installation process is relatively fast, reducing the construction time.

4.difference of Quality and consistency:

Site emptying of Terrazzo: the construction quality of site emptying of Terrazzo is affected by the site environment and construction technology. Improper structure may lead to inconsistent colors and textures.

Prefabricated Terrazzo: Prefabricated Terrazzo is produced on a large scale by the factory, with higher quality and consistency, which can ensure the uniformity of color, texture and hardness.

5.what is the difference for Scope of application?

Engineering Terrazzo: suitable for large surfaces, especially those requiring special design and curve shape.

Prefabricated Terrazzo: suitable for small spaces, such as shops, offices, single family houses, etc.

Generally speaking, both cast-in-place Terrazzo and prefabricated Terrazzo have advantages and disadvantages, and the selection depends on the specific requirements, budget and design requirements of the project.


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