How to renovate terrazzo?

Since the early 1980s, Terrazzo has gradually circulated in the market, which has caused many ancient Terrazzo to lose luster and show signs of starting white. How to make Terrazzo rotate beautifully?

Popular methods of Terrazzo renovation include:

1. Use Terrazzo floor refurbishing agent

2. Terrazzo polishing process

Advantages of Terrazzo floor polish.

1. Prevention of bleaching: On ordinary concrete floors, salt alkali components can precipitate, leading to appearance quality issues such as bleaching. After the treatment of Terrazzo floor renewal agent, the concrete surface forms a solid and compact whole, and the saline and alkaline components will not precipitate;

2. Wear resistance: Concrete components can be roughly solidified into solids, improving hardness and compactness. After the soil matures, the wear resistance will be increased to more than 8 times;

3. Corrosion resistance: Terrazzo ground repair agent can prevent chloride ion from passing through, and the soil corrosion resistance of cement liquid penetration hardener: the treated soil will greatly improve the corrosion resistance of concrete. The glass silicon treatment agent hardens the wear-resistant floor, and once possessed, it will be used for a lifetime.

4. Compressive strength: Terrazzo floor renovation agent can effectively penetrate the concrete and react with the concrete, block the internal pores, seal the concrete floor, and effectively prevent water, oil and other dirt from entering. Entering the interior of concrete;

5. Dust prevention: Chemical reactions occur with concrete, forming dense and dust-free groups on the surface of the concrete, permanently preventing dust precipitation in the concrete;

Grinding and polishing process of Terrazzo.

1.Rough grinding

The Terrazzo repair machine polishes the old Terrazzo floor to remove oil stains and empty layers on the surface, and eliminate irregularities and potholes on the ground.

2.Fine grinding

Terrazzo refurbishers, polishers and metal abrasive wheels grind the Terrazzo floor after rough grinding to eliminate rough grinding marks, while grinding and leveling the high ground to improve the ground flatness.


Terrazzo floor repair mortar is used to fill and repair potholes, cracks (as appropriate) and voids on the floor. Grinding. Use Terrazzo, grinder and Terrazzo grinding blade to further grind the soil from coarse to fine until it meets the actual requirements.


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