Terrazzo |New trend in bathroom design

In recent two years, it can be used together with decorative materials of various colors and materials by improving epoxy resin technology, texture pattern processing technology and other processes. Terrazzo has rich color expression and excellent decorative effect, which increases the level of space. It adds a more natural and elegant atmosphere.

Grey terrazzo and white terrazo are both good choices for using in bathroom. The appearance and texture of grey terrazzo are elegant, enhancing the overall aesthetics of the bathroom. It’s usually a durable natural stone that can withstand humid environments.White terrazzo can enhance the brightness and transparency of the bathroom.As well as to make the entire space look more open and fresh. Especially in small bathrooms or in situations lacking natural light, white terrazzo can illuminate the space.

This completely eliminated the “outdated” side, reversed the situation, and became the favorite of the fashion industry.

Today we are here to show you some points about application for using terrazzo in bathroom.

1.The application of modern terrazzo

Terrazzo has low particle density and prominent patterns, providing its own red appearance and texture. It not only has a good decorative effect on the floor and walls, but also applies to washbasins, bathtubs and even tables. There are also lights and lanterns.

2.Terrazzo is used in the home

Terrazzo has a variety of colors and patterns. And with anti-skid and dust-proof functions, good wear resistance, large bearing capacity, no dust, and easy to clean. The walls, floors and countertops widely used in the bathroom not only keep the space clean, but also highlight the high-level decoration of the space, with exquisite personality.

3.The application of terrazzo in bathroom

Bathrooms are the places where water is used most frequently every day. Most bathrooms are very small and the air is not ventilated.That will produce mold. Terrazzo has good water resistance and anti-skid function, which is the most suitable place for bathing. The electric towel rack with the functions of drying, dehumidification, antibacterial and heating can prevent moisture and dehumidification, effectively resist bacteria and mold, and improve the cleanliness of the bathroom area and the convenience of daily use.

Terrazzo has the beauty of nature, and its unique texture and color can add natural charm to the bathroom. Meanwhile, terrazzo is also a durable material that can be used for a long time.Whether it is terrazzo like fashion retrospective exhibition or pure red electric towel like new bathroom supplies, the bathroom space is more advanced and beautiful, providing us with a comfortable and healthy bathroom life.


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