Florallux Nanjing Mangu Manxin Guesthouse

Terrazzo is a commonly used material in architecture and decoration. It is beautiful, durable, easy to clean, and widely used in various projects. Some examples of terrazzo engineering applications are as follows:

1.Floor coverings:

Terrazzo is commonly used for indoor and outdoor floor coverings, including corridors, entrance halls, restaurants, balconies, and courtyards. It provides an elegant appearance while being sturdy enough to withstand high flow and friction.

2.Kitchen countertop:

Terrazzo is an excellent material for kitchen countertops because it is not only beautiful, but also has excellent heat and chemical resistance. This makes terrazzo a common choice in kitchens.

3.Bathroom walls and floors:

Terrazzo can be used for bathroom walls and floors. As well as its waterproof and easy to clean properties make it an ideal choice for bathroom renovation.

4.Steps and staircases:

Terrazzo can be used for indoor and outdoor steps and staircases to provide a stable tread while increasing decoration.

5.Swimming pool edge:

Terrazzo is common at the edge of the swimming pool area because it does not absorb water and is non slip, creating a tourism center style appearance.

6.Surrounding the fireplace:

Terrazzo can be used around the fireplace, providing an elegant appearance while withstanding the high temperature of the fireplace.

7.Commercial and Public Buildings:

Terrazzo is also widely used in commercial and public buildings. Such as hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, museums, etc. As it can withstand high levels of use and transportation while maintaining its appearance.

8.Outdoor landscape design:

Terrazzo can be used for outdoor landscape design such as courtyards, garden paths, and patios, adding beauty and practicality to outdoor spaces.

Belowing is an example of terrazzo engineering application for sharing:

Florallux Nanjing Mangu Manxin Guesthouse is located in Longshang Community, Tangshan Town, East Suburb Hot Spring Resort, Nanjing, the ancient capital. Longshang is even in the deep mountains of Tangshan, giving people the feeling of a paradise.

The hotel consists of outdoor swimming pools, outdoor hot springs, outdoor children’s playgrounds, restaurants, chess and card rooms, conference rooms and 200 sets of hot spring rooms, with many independent public areas, and all rooms are equipped with hot spring private soup.

The interior design uses a large area of inorganic terrazzo. It gives the hotel a light luxury texture and a sense of tranquility, creating a fresh, fashionable, simple, and light luxury exquisite style, giving the hotel a new experience of aesthetic space.

The simple colors and patterns give off a charming and romantic atmosphere. With the sound of hot water, people’s body and mind are immersed in the fog, as if they were in nature.

No pollution, no emission, health and environmental protection are the criteria for selecting decorative materials that are harmless to human body.

In short, terrazzo has a wide range of applications in the field of architecture and decoration, and has become one of the most popular materials due to its aesthetic, durable, and multifunctional characteristics. Choosing the correct type of terrazzo and maintaining it is crucial to ensure the long-term success and beauty of the project.


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