What is Translucent Terrazzo?

Terrazzo is a type of monolithic stone that is made by mixing raw materials such as marble, granite, and quartz stone into concrete, and then grinding and polishing the surface.

Concrete is inorganic, hence it is also known as inorganic terrazzo. Semi transparent terrazzo is a type of inorganic terrazzo that has the material characteristics of terrazzo itself, but has stronger decorative effects than ordinary terrazzo.

So what is a semi transparent terrazzo?

Semi transparent terrazzo is a decorative building material commonly used to cover floors, walls, and other internal surfaces. The characteristic of semi transparent terrazzo is that it has a transparent or semi transparent texture, allowing light to penetrate the surface of the stone and produce a unique light and shadow effect.

Its manufacturing process is almost identical to that of terrazzo. When selecting aggregates, special attention should be paid to selecting white aggregates, glass aggregates, or glass aggregates. After processing with terrazzo square materials, it achieves transparency. The effect of terrazzo slabs is better. It is best to cut a large plate with a thickness of 5mm and layer 10mm of glass on the back to ensure strength without affecting lighting.

The size of the finished large plate is generally 1800 * 2700mm, which can be cut and spliced according to design requirements.

What are the characteristics of semi transparent terrazzo?
1. Highly decorative:

The most prominent feature of semi transparent terrazzo is its decorative effect. It has the unique texture of terrazzo and is also semi transparent. Install light boxes, light strips, etc. The rear can achieve a soft glossy effect. The decorative effect can be called its biggest feature;

2.Non toxic and non radioactive

The semi transparent terrazzo material is protected from radioactive substances or contamination, making it very safe to use;

3.Oil and stain resistant, easy to clean.

The semi transparent terrazzo surface is impermeable, waterproof and stain resistant (with a water permeability of less than 0.8), oil resistant, weak acid resistant, alkali resistant, salt spray resistant, easy to clean, and has high comprehensive performance in natural protection;

4. Moderate hardness and toughness.

Compared with ordinary stone, semi transparent terrazzo has moderate hardness and toughness, and has no problem with home decoration. Its impact toughness is better than natural stone;

5. Easy to handle:

A semi transparent terrazzo is the same as a terrazzo. It is easy to grind, cut, and process. When you stick it together, you can choose a special adhesive. After polishing, it can remain ‘seamless’.The visual effect of semi transparent terrazzo is semi transparent but opaque.

The first thing I thought of was to use it as a partition wall, which can be installed together with metal structures and cut in the desired shape. The stone texture is semi transparent and the effect is wonderful; Semi transparent terrazzo can also be used as a background wall, and light strips or light boxes can be installed at the back.

It can be combined with various interior design styles. Terrazzo itself has various styles and colors, and you can choose the appropriate style based on the indoor style.

Terrazzo itself is usually used for indoor surfaces such as countertops and tabletops, so semi transparent terrazzo can also be used for these needs. Its decorative effect as a table or coffee table is much more beautiful than ordinary terrazzo.


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