What is the classification of terrazzo?

1. Terrazzo is divided into on-site cast terrazzo and prefabricated slab terrazzo according to the construction and manufacturing process.
(1) Newly poured grinding stone

Pure terrazzo must be poured on-site, commonly known as pouring terrazzo. In short, natural gravel, glass, and even some precious gemstones, jade seeds, and other aggregates and pigments are mixed with cement, cured, and polished. Formed cement products require on-site construction, can be arbitrarily embedded, can be dyed into various colors with pigments, and can be separated by glass or copper tape, which has a good decorative effect. At present, domestic water irrigated grindstones are mainly used for work equipment and are rarely used for home decoration.

In many cases, copper strips are usually added to terrazzo floors. On the one hand, it can improve the appearance, and on the other hand, it can reduce the possibility of cracking.

(2) Prefabricated terrazzo

Prefabricated terrazzo is uniformly produced by production machines on the factory production line, and if necessary, precast terrazzo slabs can be directly laid. The brightness is higher than that of on-site constructed terrazzo, but the decorative performance is not as good as that of on-site constructed terrazzo.

When laying precast terrazzo on site, it is necessary to use cement joints. Over time, the seams will turn black, making it easy to accommodate dirt, evil people, and practices, usually with the smell of terrazzo.

2. Terrazzo can also be divided into industrial terrazzo, civil terrazzo, commercial terrazzo, etc. based on its usage effect.
(1) Industrial terrazzo

Industrial terrazzo flooring is the original color terrazzo flooring. It is usually used in workshops, warehouses, or parking lots. Its raw materials are ordinary granite particles and Portland cement. The surface is not beautiful, but it is cheap and durable.

(2) Civil terrazzo

Civil terrazzo is used on floors such as villas, hospitals, squares, and subway stations, and is more decorative and elegant than industrial terrazzo. Green and red marble, high-quality white cement, or colored cement are commonly used. The cost is the same as regular polishing. These bricks are of the same grade.

(3) Commercial terrazzo

Shopping terrazzo flooring is used for flooring in shopping centers, shopping centers, office buildings, and other shopping areas. They must be beautiful, high-end, dust-free, wear-resistant, and easy to clean. The effect is like marble, but the cost does not exceed one-third of marble.

What is the scope of terrazzo?
1. Terrazzo is suitable for home decoration.

Terrazzo is also widely used for home decoration. It can not only be used as a traditional building material for walls and floors, but also for counters, steps, windowsills, special shaped decorations, etc. Whether used in large quantities or in small quantities, it can make your home more exquisite and unique.

2. Terrazzo is suitable for outdoor use.

The unique particle size of terrazzo is very suitable for large-scale applications.

In addition, the material performance of terrazzo itself is very good, so it can be widely used in various outdoor environments, including open environments. Courtyards, corridors, etc.

3. Terrazzo is suitable for public places.

The characteristic of terrazzo is its complex pattern and good proportion, and there is no sense of splicing when laying large areas. That’s why many public halls, leisure rooms, and other areas use terrazzo.

Terrazzo is widely used and can be used for industrial and home decoration, making it very popular.


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