What are the people’s misunderstanding of terrazzo?

When it comes to terrazzo, many people know it, but there are also many who know very little about the characteristics and performance of terrazzo, especially new and modern terrazzo, and there are often many misunderstandings in this regard. Therefore, today, Apple’s editors will clarify people’s misunderstandings about terrazzo and systematically explain these misunderstandings, so that everyone can better understand modern terrazzo.

1. It is not allowed to excessively pursue the “perfect” effect, nor to require the entire crack or defect, nor to allow color difference.

Explanation: No material is’ perfect ‘, and there are many uncertain factors during the construction process. Therefore, we cannot pursue results unilaterally and maximize them while ensuring quality.

2.Terrazzo is prone to cracking and aging.

Explanation: Traditional terrazzo is prone to cracking and aging, but the use of new materials and modern technology has largely avoided these defects. Regular maintenance is also an effective measure to prevent the aging of terrazzo.

3.Terrazzo is radioactive and will pose a threat to human health.

Explanation: Terrazzo uses natural green materials, cement, and terrazzo aggregates, without pollution or radiation. No impact on human body or environment.

4.The construction of terrazzo requires good materials and quality.

Explanation: In the process of terrazzo construction, materials only account for about 30% of the factors that affect quality, and the most important ones are construction technology and methods. In order to achieve the highest quality requirements for the texture and luster of terrazzo, it is necessary to combine materials and construction techniques.

5.Terrazzo flooring can easily cover up dirt and grime.

Explanation: The surface hardness and luster of hardened terrazzo are very high. The sealing hardener forms a protective film on the surface of the terrazzo. Stains are usually not easy to penetrate, and daily cleaning is also very simple.

6.Everything will improve after the completion of the terrazzo project, and only pay attention to the initial investment in construction, while maintenance in the later stage is optional.

Explanation: “Materials are divided into three parts and maintenance is divided into seven parts.” After the decoration of the terrazzo, regular maintenance work must be done to not only maintain the beautiful appearance and better user experience of the terrazzo, but also greatly extend its service life.

In short, if you want to use terrazzo as a decoration, you must understand it and avoid misunderstandings in order to truly understand it and maximize its unique charm.


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