Designing Terrazzo to obtain a good appearance is a process involving aesthetics and personal taste. Here are some suggestions to help design attractive Terrazzo:

1.How to Choose the right color?

 Terrazzo usually has a variety of color and texture options. Choose a color that suits your space and overall design style. Consider the color of walls, floors and furniture to ensure that Terrazzo is consistent with them.

2.Should Consider texture and pattern:

The texture of Terrazzo can be changed by adjusting the particle size and color distribution. Consider using interesting patterns or textures to add visual appeal to your Terrazzo.

3.Consider the shape and size:

Terrazzo can be cut into various shapes and sizes, such as large plates, small pieces, strips, etc. Choose the appropriate shape and size according to your design needs and space size.

4.Attention to lighting:

Lighting may have a great impact on the appearance of Terrazzo. Consider the direction and intensity of light, as well as the reflection effect of Terrazzo surface. Organize appropriate lighting according to different areas and functions of the space to show the beauty of Terrazzo.

5.How to Balance overall design?

Terrazzo is usually an important element of interior design, so consider how it coordinates with other materials and elements. Ensure the balance and overall harmony between Terrazzo and other elements such as walls, floors, furniture and decoration.

6.Reference design inspiration:

Explore some examples of social networks designed by interior design magazines, websites or Terrazzo to get inspiration and ideas. These resources can help you discover some attractive design ideas and then customize them according to your preferences.

The most important thing is to consider your own taste and personal preference when designing Terrazzo. Everyone may have different definitions of ‘handsome’, so make sure your design meets your own aesthetic needs and preferences.


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