Inorganic Terrazzo is an artificial stone, which uses cement as the base material, and then adds granite or marble gravels of different colors and sizes. After a series of processes such as mixing, forming, and curing, artificial stones with decorative effects can be completed. It is said that the construction process of inorganic Terrazzo floor is complex and difficult to master, but as long as the principle is mastered, the construction process of Terrazzo floor can also be simple and easy to learn.

Inorganic Terrazzo is a high-quality and wear-resistant floor material, which is composed of cement, quartz sand, pigments and special additives. The following is the construction process of inorganic Terrazzo floor:

1. Preparation work:

Clean the ground: Thoroughly clean the ground to ensure that the surface is free of dust, grease, or other debris.

Check the ground: Check if the ground is flat, and if there are uneven areas, repair them.

2. Basic treatment:

Grassroots treatment: Conduct grassroots treatment on the ground as needed, such as filling cracks, repairing damaged ground, etc.

Penetration primer: Use appropriate penetration primer to improve the adhesion and wear resistance of the ground.

3. Bottom layer construction:

Base mortar: apply inorganic Terrazzo base mortar evenly on the ground to make it firmly bonded with the base course.

4. Surface construction:

Terrazzo surface course: apply the inorganic Terrazzo surface course mortar evenly on the surface of the base mortar, and use a trowel or spatula to trowel to ensure that the surface is flat.

Mortar treatment: before the Terrazzo surface is completely dry, use a grinder or mortar polishing machine to polish the surface to remove particles and grinding marks to make it more smooth.

5. Sealing treatment:

Sealant coating: wait until the Terrazzo surface is completely dry, and then apply appropriate inorganic Terrazzo sealant evenly on the surface to form a protective layer and increase the brightness.

6. Maintenance:

Curing time: According to the product instructions, wait for a certain amount of time to completely dry and solidify the ground.

Maintenance measures: During the maintenance period, keep the ground dry and clean to avoid excessive wear or pollution.

Construction process assurance items of inorganic Terrazzo floor:

To ensure the quality and effect of the inorganic Terrazzo floor construction project, the following measures can be taken:

1. Select appropriate materials and suppliers:

Select high-quality inorganic terrazzo materials and purchase from reliable suppliers. Ensure that the materials comply with relevant standards and have good performance and durability.

2. Professional construction team:

Employ experienced professional construction team to carry out construction. They should have relevant skills and experience, and be familiar with the construction process and requirements of inorganic Terrazzo floor.

3. Ground preparation work:

Before construction, thoroughly clean the ground to ensure that it is flat and clean, and carry out necessary grassroots treatment, such as repairing cracks and filling uneven areas.

4. Construction process control:

Strictly follow the construction process to ensure the quality and accuracy of each step. Pay attention to details during the construction process, such as the mixing ratio of materials, uniform application, surface smoothness, etc.

5. Use professional tools and equipment:

Use appropriate tools and equipment for construction, such as trowels, trowels, grinders, mortar polishing machines, etc., to ensure consistency and quality of construction results.

6. Sealing and curing:

After the construction is completed, the inorganic Terrazzo sealant shall be correctly selected and applied, and the curing shall follow the suggestions of the constructor or supplier. Ensure uniform application of sealant and sufficient curing time to achieve optimal protection and aesthetic effect.

7. Regular maintenance:

Inorganic Terrazzo floor needs regular maintenance during use, including cleaning, maintenance and regular inspection. Follow the supplier’s recommendations, use appropriate cleaning agents and methods for cleaning, and promptly repair any damaged or worn areas.

The above is about the construction process of inorganic Terrazzo floor. The specific steps and requirements of each project may vary according to the actual situation and construction needs. Before carrying out construction, it is recommended to consult professional construction personnel or suppliers to ensure the accuracy and best results of the construction process.


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