Why do schools use terrazzo floors more?

The school chooses to use terrazzo flooring because it has many advantages, including durability, ease of maintenance, aesthetics, antibacterial, environmental protection, and versatility, which can meet the high transportation needs of the school while providing a safe environment for students and staff. A clean and pleasant learning and work environment.

There are several common reasons why schools usually choose to use terrazzo flooring:


Terrazzo flooring is very sturdy and durable, capable of withstanding intense walking and mobile traffic. Schools typically have a large number of students and staff, as well as various indoor and outdoor activities, requiring durable flooring materials to reduce the need for frequent maintenance and replacement of flooring.

2.Easy to clean and maintain:

Terrazzo flooring is usually easy to clean, requiring only water and mild detergent. This is very practical for schools as it reduces cleaning costs and time, and ensures a hygienic and orderly school environment.

3.Antibacterial properties:

Some types of terrazzo flooring have antibacterial properties that can help reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses. Maintaining health and hygiene is crucial in collective environments such as schools.


Terrazzo flooring comes in various colors and textures that can be customized to meet the design and decoration needs of the school. This has improved the overall appearance of the school and provided a comfortable learning and working environment for students and staff.


Some terrazzo materials are sustainable and use environmentally friendly manufacturing methods. This is in line with the environmental and sustainable development policies of many schools, which helps to reduce the consumption of natural resources.

There are also many choices for schools when choosing terrazzo styles, which can be determined based on the specific needs, design goals, and budget of the school.

Here are some common terrazzo flooring styles:

1.Monochrome terrazzo:

Monochrome terrazzo flooring refers to all floors that use the same colored terrazzo. This style is simple and refreshing, suitable for schools that pursue a simple style.

2.The mixing and combination of multiple colors:

The combination and combination style of multiple colors refers to the combination of various terrazzo colors to create a rich and colorful effect. This style is suitable for schools that want their floors to have greater visual impact and diversity.

3.Pattern placement:

Terrazzo flooring can be intelligently placed to create various patterns, such as geometric patterns, floral patterns, etc. This style can add unique personality and art to the campus.

4.Particle size:

The particle size of terrazzo can be selected according to needs, with two options: coarse and fine. Coarse grained terrazzo flooring typically has a rougher texture and is suitable for outdoor use or areas that require greater wear resistance. Fine grained terrazzo flooring is more delicate and suitable for indoor use.


The brightness of the terrazzo floor can be adjusted as needed, with two options: a bright surface and a matte surface. Bright terrazzo flooring is usually smoother and brighter, making it suitable for indoor use. Matte terrazzo flooring is more cautious and quiet, suitable for areas that need to reduce reflection.

In short, terrazzo flooring is widely used in schools because they can provide long-lasting, hygienic, beautiful, and environmentally friendly flooring solutions to meet the multifunctional and high transportation needs of schools.


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