Why terrazzo can now be popular in the European and American markets?

In the past, terrazzo was opaque and had no luster. Although the construction cost was low, it had maintenance issues and was gradually replaced by polished concrete. But now the combination of epoxy resin and terrazzo has produced many unimaginable colors and improved performance. Therefore, designers deeply fell in love with terrazzo and began to play with it in various fields.

In addition, this type of terrazzo is gradually becoming popular in the European and American markets.

The reason is a combination of factors such as appearance, durability, ease of maintenance, and sustainability. This makes terrazzo one of the preferred materials for many residential and commercial renovation projects.

Why is terrazzo so popular in the European and American markets now?
1.Concerns about sustainability and environmental protection:

In the European and US markets, trends in sustainability and environmental protection are gradually emerging. Consumers are increasingly concerned about the environmental performance of building materials, including the use of sustainable production and mining methods. Terrazzo conforms to this trend due to its natural characteristics and sustainability.

2.Modern and rectangular design:

Terrazzo is widely used in contemporary style residential and commercial spaces. Rectangular terrazzo tiles are particularly popular in wall and floor decoration because they create clear geometric patterns.

3.Dark and Marble Textures:

Dark terrazzo and faux marble textured terrazzo designs are very popular in the European and American markets. These designs add luxury and a unique feeling to the interior space.

4.Kitchen and bathroom applications:

Terrazzo countertops are still very popular in kitchens and bathrooms. In these areas, people like terrazzo because of its durability and unique appearance.

5.Personalized design:

Personalized and personalized terrazzo design is becoming increasingly popular. People want to create a unique appearance in decoration, which is why terrazzo suppliers offer a variety of colors, textures, and sizes to choose from.

6.Mixing and combining styles:

One of the trends in the European and American markets is to mix and combine different materials, including terrazzo, wood, and metal, to create layered designs.

Based on the above reasons, it can be seen that terrazzo has high usability and cost-effectiveness in various aspects, with diverse styles and designs. This is also one of the advantages of meeting the needs of different customers in the market. In addition to being quiet and elegant, it is multifunctional and flexible. Texture, which is why terrazzo is the preferred choice for the European and American markets.


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