The difference between terrazzo and quartz

Terrazzo and quartz are two common flooring and countertop materials that differ in several aspects, including:

1.Material composition:

Terrazzo: Terrazzo is usually a mixture of cement, limestone, aggregates (such as marble or granite fragments), and pigments. Mix the ingredients and mold them into blocks, then grind them to obtain a smooth surface.

Quartz stone: Quartz stone is an artificial stone mainly composed of about 90% natural quartz particles and 10% resin, pigment, and other additives. This mixture is treated at high temperature to form a sturdy stone slab.


Terrazzo: Terrazzo is relatively durable, but may be more susceptible to rayon and chemical attacks.

Quartz stone: Quartz stone is usually more durable because it is composed of natural quartz particles and resin, with excellent hardness and wear resistance. It is also more resistant to chemicals and liquids.

3.Appearance and texture:

Terrazzo: The appearance of terrazzo is usually similar to marble, but its texture and color may vary depending on the manufacturing process and the pigments used.

Quartz: The appearance of quartz is highly customizable as it can blend into various colors and textures, and can even mimic the appearance of marble, granite, or other natural stones.

4.Antibacterial performance:

Terrazzo: Some terrazzo floors have some antibacterial properties, but they are usually not as antibacterial as quartz.

Quartz: Quartz usually has good antibacterial properties because its surface is relatively unaffected by bacterial infiltration and growth.


Terrazzo: Terrazzo requires regular sealing to maintain its appearance and performance, and may require more frequent cleaning.

Quartz: Quartz is relatively easy to maintain and does not require regular sealing, making it generally easier to clean.

Generally speaking, there are differences in composition, durability, appearance, antibacterial performance, and maintenance between terrazzo and quartz, so the selection of materials should be considered based on specific needs and preferences. Quartz stone is often considered a multifunctional choice in more fields due to its excellent performance in many aspects.


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