Summary and analysis of terrazzo floor construction problems

Terrazzo floor is a common decorative floor material, which has the advantages of beauty, wear resistance and durability. However, some problems may occur during the construction of Terrazzo floor. The following is a summary and analysis of some common problems in the construction of Terrazzo floor:

Improper foundation treatment: the foundation treatment of Terrazzo floor is very important. If the foundation treatment is improper, cracks and floor layering may occur. The base layer must be flat, dry, clean, and undergo necessary treatment, such as polishing, filling defects, etc.

1.Unreasonable construction process

The construction process of Terrazzo floor includes mixing, pouring, leveling, grinding and other links. If the construction process is not reasonable, it may cause color differences, bubbles, and uneven ground conditions. Construction personnel must be familiar with the construction process and operate according to requirements.

2.Improper material selection

Terrazzo flooring materials include cement, quartz sand, pigments, etc. If the quality of the selected materials is poor, it may affect the quality of the floor. High quality materials must be selected and ensured to comply with relevant standards.

3.Improper maintenance

Terrazzo floor must be maintained after construction to ensure the quality and service life of the floor. If not properly maintained, it may cause problems such as cracks, dust, and floor layering. Maintenance must be carried out in accordance with construction requirements, including regular maintenance, impact prevention, and taking waterproof and moisture-proof measures.

4.Inappropriate construction environmental conditions

The construction of Terrazzo floors requires appropriate environmental conditions, such as temperature and humidity. If the construction environment conditions are not suitable, it may affect the construction effect and floor quality. It is necessary to choose a suitable construction time and environmental conditions for construction.

To sum up, the problems in the construction of Terrazzo floors are often due to the problems in the base treatment, construction technology, material selection, maintenance and environmental conditions. The construction personnel must have relevant experience and professional knowledge and operate in strict accordance with the construction specifications to ensure the quality and use effect of Terrazzo floor.


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