How to make terrazzo simple style?

The characteristic of the minimalist style is to simplify the design elements, colors, lighting and raw materials to a minimum.

But it has high requirements on the texture of colors and materials.

Therefore, simple space design is often very subtle and can often achieve the effect of gaining more from less with simplicity.

Terrazzo-Oriental White uses high-purity colors such as red and deep red to make the simple space pop in color; Bold and flexible, it not only follows the simple style, but also shows the personality.

This method is the basic stereotyping technique of artistic design.

Contrast two different things, shapes, colors, etc., such as square and circle, new and old, big and small, black and white, dark and light, thick and thin, etc.

To create a simple space using terrazzo, consider the following:

1.Choose the right terrazzo color and texture:

Clean styles usually prefer clear and simple tones and textures.

Choose neutral tones such as white, gray, or beige for terrazzo, avoiding too many complex patterns or textures to keep the space simple and fresh.

2.Keeping the overall color tone unchanged:

In spatial design, maintaining consistency in terrazzo color can enhance simplicity.

The colors of the entire space must be harmonious, do not mix or combine too many colors.

3.Clean design and distribution:

The clean style emphasizes simple and clean design and distribution.

When selecting and installing terrazzo, maintain simple lines and geometric shapes, and make the space look fresh and orderly.

4.Use the brightness of terrazzo:

Terrazzo usually has a certain degree of brightness, and you can use this function to increase the brightness of the space.

Reasonable use of lighting and natural light can create a soft luster on the surface of terrazzo.

5.Simple furniture and decoration:

Choose simple and practical furniture, avoid too many complex decorations and patterns, and maintain a simple and unified overall space.

Considering the above points, you can use terrazzo to create a simple and fresh space and create a comfortable and enjoyable living environment.


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