How good modern terrazzo look?

This trend is indeed difficult to achieve: terrazzo, which was popular in rural areas decades ago, is now becoming popular again. This time, the scope of the fire was wider: hotels, shopping centers, libraries, etc. all collapsed. Falling in love with terrazzo. Under the charm. All of this is because terrazzo is very beautiful.

The decorative style of modern spaces emphasizes simplicity, warmth, and humanity, avoiding exaggeration and fantasy, rationalizing the space and giving people a sense of beauty. Regardless of the style of the terrazzo, the design form can be freely changed according to the scene. This may be a better expression.

1. Color

Mineral dyes are a magic weapon for obtaining rich terrazzo colors. Red, pink, green, blue, and various colors are available for you to adjust according to the design. (Although black, white, and gray are considered classics, the colorful colors always make people’s eyes brighter and better implement design concepts)

Natural and colored aggregates are also highly decorative: crystal, marble, cobblestone, and macaroni patterns can achieve beautiful natural carved textures. These natural stones have unique textures, colors, and textures that make them beautiful. Each terrazzo has a unique texture and pattern, so each piece is unique, which increases its appeal.

2. Mode

The biggest difference between modern terrazzo and traditional terrazzo is that the pattern design is more diverse, and the large-scale integration effect makes the design more casual. Mature craftsmanship provides reliable technical support for terrazzo patterns, including splashing, inlaying, cutting, and splicing, making the spatial effect of terrazzo more three-dimensional and intuitive.

3. The brightness and reflection of light.

Modern terrazzo with high gloss design can be polished smoothly below 90 degrees. The influence of crystal surface further enhances spatial stratification. According to design requirements, you can choose from several brightness levels such as high brightness and matte. The surface of terrazzo is polished and polished to achieve high brightness, reflecting light, and creating a bright environment. This reflective effect enhances the brightness and openness of the space, making the surface of the terrazzo look more attractive.

4. Wall to ground integration

The use of wall terrazzo further enhances the overall design awareness of the space, emphasizing the overall effect, taste, and comfort of life.

5. Cleanliness and durability

Terrazzo surfaces are usually easy to clean and highly resistant to liquids and chemicals. This makes it a popular choice for many homes and commercial spaces because it is not only beautiful, but also durable.

6. Environmental protection

Terrazzo is a natural stone that can be obtained under sustainable mining conditions. This makes it a choice for green decorative materials, and many people tend to use renewable and sustainable resources.

7. Multifunctionality

Terrazzo can be used for various applications, including flooring, countertops, walls, bathrooms, kitchens, etc. Its versatility enables it to be used in different types of design projects, meeting different aesthetic and functional requirements.

Modern terrazzo not only looks beautiful, but also has many reliable advantages such as high hardness, wear resistance, waterproofing, oil separation, ecological reliability, and long service life. It can be said to be a combination of “beauty and talent”.


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