Do you know what commercial uses terrazzo has?

Terrazzo stone is a popular commercial decorative material that can bring unique aesthetics and taste to commercial spaces.

1.What is the commercial use of terrazzo stone?

The following are some common commercial terrazzo applications:

Hotel Lobby and Corridors:

Terrazzo stone flooring, walls, or decorative details can add luxury and exclusivity to the hotel lobby and corridors, creating a refined experience for guests.

Restaurant and cafeteria:

In the design of restaurants and cafeterias, terrazzo stone can be used for floors, bars, walls, etc., adding a unique atmosphere to the food experience.

Office building:

Terrazzo stone can be used in the lobby, rest area, or conference room of the office building, providing a comfortable and professional feeling for the working environment.

Exhibition and art venues:

The elegant appearance of terrazzo stone is suitable for galleries, museums, exhibition spaces, etc., creating an artistic and cultural atmosphere.

Medical facilities:

The easy to clean nature of terrazzo stone flooring makes it suitable for use in medical environments such as hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes.

Shopping Center:

In the atrium or public area of a shopping center, terrazzo stone can serve as a striking design element.

Luxury residential projects:

For high-end residential projects, terrazzo stone flooring can add a sense of luxury to areas such as lobbies, stairs, and bathrooms.

2.How to showcase the beauty of terrazzo stone in commercial use?

Displaying the beauty of terrazzo stone requires a comprehensive consideration of design, location, lighting, and other factors to ensure that the terrazzo stone can fully showcase its unique texture and appearance. Here are some suggestions to emphasize the beauty of terrazzo stone:

Overall consistency of design:

In commercial spaces, the application of terrazzo stone must be coordinated with the overall design style. Considering your company’s brand, target audience, and industry, choose the appropriate color and texture of terrazzo.

Key area application:

Use terrazzo stone in key areas of commercial spaces such as lobby, reception desk, exhibition area, etc. This design can attract people’s attention for the first time.

Lighting design:

Use appropriate lighting to emphasize the texture and brightness of the terrazzo stone. Lighting can enhance the texture , making it more eye-catching.

Appropriate placement:

In commercial spaces, terrazzo can be used in various locations, such as floors, walls, and countertops. Based on functional and process considerations, select appropriate areas to display terrazzo stone.

Supporting decoration:

Use decorative elements combined with terrazzo, such as furniture, painting, plants, etc., to enhance the overall aesthetic.

Layered design:

Add a sense of hierarchy to the design, such as laying carpets on terrazzo stone floors, placing floral entities, etc., to create rich visual effects.

Detailed treatment:

Pay attention to the treatment of the edges of the terrazzo to ensure exquisite details of the joints and corners, and improve the overall visual effect.

Quality assurance:

Select high-quality terrazzo materials and construction to ensure that the surface is polished and sealed according to standards for optimal appearance and durability.

Unique pattern design:

Consider designing unique patterns on the surface of terrazzo stone, such as parquet flooring, geometric shapes, etc., to increase visual appeal.

Indoor plants:

Place indoor plants near terrazzo stone, and the contrast between green plants and stones can enhance the vitality and vitality of the space.

In short, showcasing the beauty of terrazzo stone requires a comprehensive consideration of material characteristics, design concepts, and the surrounding environment. Collaborating with professional interior designers can ensure that commercial spaces maximize the decorative effect of terrazzo, providing customers and tourists with a unique experience.


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