The application of terrazzo in commercial space

Terrazzo has a wide range of applications in commercial spaces, and its unique appearance and various design options make it a popular choice for decorating commercial buildings.

The following are some of the common applications for terrazzo in commercial space:

Floor decoration

Terrazzo flooring can add luxury and unique visual effects to the commercial space. It can be used for floor decoration, such as hotel lobby, shopping mall corridor, office reception area, restaurant and cafe, creating an elegant and fashionable atmosphere.

Wall decoration

Frosted stone can be applied to wall decoration in commercial spaces, creating textured and artistic effects. It can be used in hotel rooms, retail stores, exhibition spaces and office interior wall decoration to create a unique and attractive brand image.

Counters and bars

Terrazzo can be used on the counters and surfaces of bars in commercial spaces, increasing their high-end and sophistication. Not only can robust and durable surfaces be provided, but they can also be coordinated with the overall interior design style through a variety of color and texture options.

Business logos

Terrazzo can carve or print business logos and logos for shopping malls, hotels, office building entrances or lobby areas. This custom application can highlight the uniqueness of the brand and increase the sense of exclusivity of the commercial space.

Artistic decoration

Terrazzo’s diversity makes it an ideal choice for artistic decoration. Terrazzo can be applied to sculptures, murals, reliefs and other works of art, adding a unique artistic atmosphere to the commercial space and attracting the attention of customers.

In short, terrazzo has a wide range of applications in the commercial space, which can not only provide a beautiful appearance, but also correspond to the brand image, creating a unique and personal decorative effect for the commercial space.


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