Terrazzo application for Smart Future Home

The imprecise future will constantly erase the past on a time axis. Space expresses the future. If it is simply understood as a game with time, it is just a superficial hoax. To think and describe the future from another angle, the core of the next step is to integrate the changing and unchanging present. The same is true of technology, which deliberately emphasizes the existence of technology and creates opposition between technology and people. Therefore, at the beginning of the construction of the future home of the next nest, we took “technology is like air” as the basic design principle. Most of the time, intelligent life just changed the use of commands, replacing fingers with sounds and limbs, so that people can adapt to intelligence. What we are thinking about is the relationship between the change of intelligence and the peace of life.

In a smart future home, terrazzo can be used in many aspects such as floors, walls, and countertops, adding unique beauty and practicality to the indoor environment.

Terrazzo floors can create an elegant ambience for a home. Its rich color and texture choices can be integrated with different interior design styles, making the whole space more individual and charming. In addition, the terrazzo floor is wear-resistant and easy to clean, which can meet the needs of daily use.

In addition to floors, walls and countertops, terrazzo can also be used to make interior decoration accessories, such as lamp holders, flower pots, decorative paintings, etc. These terrazzo products not only have a beautiful appearance, but also can be combined with smart home systems, such as integrating functions such as touch switches and wireless chargers, to enhance user experience.


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